Life Intrudes

Driving my wonderful wife to the hospital, in a few minutes, for surgery to get her Gall Bladder out.

Sometimes I hate the Internet.

I made the mistake of doing a bit of research regarding the problem and procedure. Sometimes you just can't unsee all the things.

Just don't do it. Especially the helpful, informative and detailed Youtube videos.

--BTW, the hospital is a Gun Free Zone. Sigh...


abnormalist said...

My wife had hers out a few months back... flared up during her last pregnancy. Procedure went just fine, recovery was quick. Shes still having dietary issues (very common) but otherwise is great.

Fair warning, her Dr brought pictures afterwards

Bubblehead Les. said...

Trust me, once she heals up, the relief she will feel will be enormous.

My Gall Bladder went away at Pease Air Force Base Hospital, N.H. in 1987. And I'm SO GLAD it's gone!

Nathan said...

I had mine out about 2 years ago. Laproscopic surgery & quick recovery. I didn't even need the Valium, just some Ibuprofen.

My digestion actually improved. I though I was becoming lactose intolerant but it turns out the fat in the dairy was causing my GB to dump in more bile, which caused pain due to the blockage.

Now I eat all the Ice Cream I want!

Old NFO said...

Hope everything goes well. Thoughts and prayers sent.