I met my new neighbors!

The house on the left was sold a few weeks ago and the new owners started moving in!

I went up and introduced myself to Donna who was proudly, safely, open carrying.

I really enjoyed the "No Big Thing" feel of the entire encounter. I met her four kids and her husband.

While we were talking several other neighbors came over to say hello as well.

It was a classic American scene.

I love Virginia.

--Odd thing is, I didn't notice any blood in the streets at all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

New Shooting Buddies!

Of course, you now need to throw a Party in the 'Hood to Welcome them. And that means you get to break out the BBQ Guns with the Dress Holsters. And take LOTS of Pictures of the Usual Suspects, like Jay G.

Wish my Neighbors were Gunnies, you Luck Bastard!

Old NFO said...

Nice!!! And shooting buddies is right! :-)