Leland Yee and Media Coverage

The Leland Yee scandal has revealed more than just the corruption and hypocrisy of Leland Yee.

It has revealed, once again, the depth of the hypocrisy and bias of MANY media outlets.

A politician caught red handed taking bribes and arms trafficking and basically silence from the media?

What really pisses me off is that it is working. The basic Benghazi like blackout on the facts are keeping it quiet. (crickets)

I overheard a conversation at work that got the rage up. Not only did a large knot of people (Obama-voters) not hear about it, when it was mentioned Leland Yee was identified as a Tea Party member. Not a Democrat, gun-control advocate.

That is when I had to butt in. I rarely talk politics at work. So I laid out some facts and walked away.

-I hate political bigots.  


Murphy's Law said...

Had Yee been a Republican, we'd have heard nothing else for the last week. Remember what an issue the media made about Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, just because he was Republican and an NRA Board member?

Or Ted Stevens? They drove him out of office with all of the stories about his alleged corruption, and then it goes to trial and the jury finds nothing. But he was an unemployed Republican at that point, so the media wonks were still happy about that.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

But he HAS to be a Tea Bagger! All Tea Party people are bad. This guy was doing gun running with terrorists, and that is bad. Ergo he has to be a Tea Partier. Quid pro quo. Gain sit and match.