In Case of Zombies

Zombies were more popular than ever at the NRA convention this year.

There was lots of Zombie themed targets, guns, knives and other items.

I think the best example was this Bug Out Vehicle! The roof mounted mini gun and two door mounted guns are perfect for the Zombie apocalypse or heavy morning traffic on your commute!

I can't imagine how much this thing cost to put together.

I still prefer a Brinks Armored Truck for my Zombie Apoc needs. Lots more storage for food, water ammo and fuel.

--Your mileage may vary...


Knucklehead said...

That Brinks Armored Truck has a lot going for it but is too easily stopped. When the crushed zombies are thick on the ground (road) you'll be spinning your wheels. Plus it is a poor off/low-quality road, vehicle.

You'll need scout vehicles such as the one pictured in your post to find your way around the larger groups and some large trucks such as dump trucks with plows to keep roads clear (and haul water, fuel, and other stuff.

JMO or course.

Old NFO said...

Personally I liked the bread truck idea... :-)

Marty said...

A snow plow would work well too.

wandering neurons said...

I'll stick with what I built and know. My own ZERV.