DIY: Gun Safe

A Friend sent me this image of a Do It Yourself locking gun safe.

I have a tall, five drawer filing cabinet that I could see being refit like this.

As I was looking at mine I might have seen a design flaw. If you make these mods and fill it up with long guns, then slide open the drawer, it could tip.

The advantage of the file cabinet normally is that you open only one drawer at a time.

To make this work you would really need to bolt the whole thing to the floor or the wall behind.

I can't say that this would even be good hidden storage. Burglars would still open it. This lock would slow them down but not stop them.

--This would be useful for keeping your kids out.


Old NFO said...

Interesting concept... And I agree, bolting it in would be about the only way to keep it from tipping.

Knucklehead said...

Having lost keys to my filing cabinets low and high, I can tell you they need about 5 seconds to get into, less if you have a drill handy and ready to go.

Hiding things in plain sight is often a good tactic but... not when that something in plain sight is something that is likely to draw the attention of the folks you're trying to hide something from.

Geodkyt said...

As a kid, I used to regularly get into my parent's locked file cabinet (standard office 5-drawer type).

There's a reason US government file cabinets (not even for classified material) often have a set of welded brackets for a locking bar.

This is adequate for having a gun cabinet in your home when you can't put it anywhere guests won't see, and you feel a need to hide the fact that you own guns from any such guests. Nothing more.

Murphy's Law said...

Problem is, filing cabinets are attractive to intruders. They often contain information about stuff you have and where it's at. As such, it's probably not a good idea to hide the guns in a box that practically screams "take a look through me!"

Best Gun Safe said...

Considering what they pulled after Sandy Hook, I wouldn't give Dick's my business if they were the only source of water in Death Valley at the height of summer.