WANT: New Bug Out Bag

William Joseph Exodus Pack

"So maybe you are not leading millions of people to the promised land. However, with this vest combo you would sure look cool doing it. The William Joseph® Exodus is the best way possible to combine the storage and load carrying capabilities of a back pack with the organization possibilities of a vest. And when one or the other is not needed you can play home physicist and split the two with the click of a few buckles. You can now be self contained, organized, and oh so comfortable."

This rig balances the load better. It also gives you easy access to the pouches in the front.

It's also adjustable for good fit.

--At $165 I would have to try one on first though.


Anonymous said...

Looks sweet.

Geodkyt said...
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Geodkyt said...

Meh. For the price, I don't see the advantage of being able to break it in half overwhelming the price advantage of a surplus MOLLE vest with SAW pouches, teamed with a ginormous aftermarket buttpack.