Riot Readiness

I have heard gun grabbers say over and over again, "Why do you need an AR15?"

I am afraid that they may have their question answered.

Contingency "Protests" are already being organized in Florida in case Zimmerman is acquitted. Protests that will likely become riots.

I recommend you have your mags loaded, your pantries full, batteries charged, gas tank full in your car and maybe even get a few spare fire extinguishers.

The defense is expected to rest today. The Jury of six women could potentially come back with a verdict today. It could be a bad weekend in Florida.

I love how the people on Twitter act as if they are forensics and legal experts. They state things as facts. Facts that prove laws were broken that don't exist.

I hope I am completely wrong on this, a worry wart. I hope people stay calm. I hope all the threats and inciting of riots is easy bluster from the safety of peoples keyboards. I hope the threats to burn his house down are only threats. (the prosecution showed his home address on TV)

I think he will be acquitted. I believe if he is found guilty it will only be because he is being thrown under the bus.

--Rule Number 2: Be Prepared


Bubblehead Les. said...

In all Seriousness, this MAY explode into a Nation-wide Crisis.

One, we have to deal with the Speed of Internet, so the Verdict will be known across the Country in 5 minutes.

Two, next week, the entire U.S will be under a Heat-Wave, which always helps Riots.

Three, most Major Cities are Run by the Liberals nowadays, so any Police Response to quell it will be DELAYED because the local Political Thugs don't want to "Appear" like they are Punishing their Base.

Four, one has to wonder: Will the Feds declare Martial Law? And WHICH side will they go after?

Trust me: Living a 20 minute Highway drive away from the Cleveland Inner City, with our Local Police Forces Notorious for surrounding their Political Masters Homes while the rest of us Suffer, I have ZERO plans to leave my Home for a few days.

But I HATE having to go to "Condition Orange."

But I HATE having to get Killed or Maimed because some Liberal Politicians are generating "Hate Speech" to appease their Base.

But I'll be Damned if I end up like Reginald Denny, either.

Take Care.

Old NFO said...

Prepared here, hoping IT IS NOT NEEDED!!!

Murphy's Law said...

Got groceries and many loaded AR and Uzi mags..and the pig's freshly cleaned and oiled. Bring it to W.VA if you feel bad, looters.