Want: Mossberg MVP Flex - Still wanting it!

I have been interested in the new class of rifles that are mag fed and compatible with regular AR15 mags. I already have a nice, bolt action, .308 as well as a nice bolt action .22lr, but nothing in between.

Mossberg MVP Flex

Here are the features I really like:
  • It can use a standard 30 round mag. I already have a pile of them.
  • It has an adjustable stock.
  • Several stock options are available.
  • The barrel is threaded and has a standard AR15 flash suppressor.
  • It can use a standard AR15 suppressor.
  • Simple and easy to use. Easy to clean.
  • Picitinny top rail.
I also have a 1000 rounds of cheap Wolf brand .223 that should work fine with a bolt action as opposed to my AR-15s.

--I will be keeping my eye open for one at the next Gun Show.


That Guy said...

Same here. Just need the cash

Old NFO said...

Hadn't seen one of those before... Interesting...