Went to the Nations Gun Show

Damn it was crowded. I drove by on Friday at 3:30pm and the line was half a mile long. At $12 a head to get in it gets steeper and steeper. It has to be a fire code violation to pack that many people into the Expo Center.

I heard Saturday was the same but worse.

So my Son and I went Sunday afternoon. Still packed, asses to elbows. AKs a plenty for under $400. Thousands of "scary black guns".  More women than ever. All trends I like. Overheard conversations were cracking me up. I over heard multiple conversations about "Real vs Range" guns, or "Real vs Hobby" guns or "Work vs Play" guns. People must be reading gun blogs.  I need to post about that too.

I was mostly looking at AR15s for my next light rig. The one I liked the subjective feel of most was the Smith & Wesson Model M&P PSX. Several were priced at $895, which was way below MSRP.

My friend T-Bolt will be interested to know that I saw an orginal DeLisle for $2200. It was the first time I ever saw one in person. When I was about to take a pic of it with my cell phone the guy had a "Dude, No Pictures" conniption. Oh well.

--Glocks, ARs, and AKs were flowing out of there by the hundreds.


Stew said...

I was there too. Why the hell is the price of 1911's still going up? There is less of them and all were up.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

you should no better. no pics at all in a gun show. there might even be a sign at the front.

people will think you are a spy of Bloomberg's

Anonymous said...

Did they really have a DeLisle? Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wen did admission get to $12? It was like $6 when I last went.

Anonymous said...

I was there. I was the big guy with a beard.