The Collection: Savage 110FP

As you know, I name all my guns. I'd like to introduce, Fred. If I have to tell you why, go rent The Princess Bride again.

Fred is a .308 Savage 110FP which is the tactical version of the classic model 110. These are modestly priced but can still give me a 2 inch group at 300 yards and I never considered myself a serious marksman.

I bought a very nice Bausch and Lomb 6x-12x scope and quality rings for the rifle. The bipod is a must have. The action on Fred is simple and reliable. I have felt better triggers but I am not that picky.

I have harvested so many deer with this rifle I have lost count. In fact, the very first deer I got, EVER, was with Freds help. That's another story.

My best shot with this rifle was a buck at 457 yards. Far enough away that I could not see the deer with my naked eye.

-- I might upgrade the stock one day. But not today...


Anonymous said...

It will be the last they come for. Shows how little they know. Cause it is probably the most dangerous.

Murphy's Law said...

I have the left-hand heavy barrel version of that rifle. Sometimes I tape quarters to the 100-yard targets and shoot them with that rifle. If I do my part, it never misses. Go, Savage!

JB Miller said...

Mine is the Bull-Barrel version as well. A real tack driver. Mine is sighted in at 2 inches high at 100 yards. Makes it good out to 500 for deer hunting.