The ’Punisher’ Smart Weapon

The new XM25 grenade launcher or, as many soldiers have affectionately nicknamed it, “The Punisher” is a big old can of whoop ass.

"No longer can the enemy shoot at American forces, then hide behind something,” said Brig. Gen. Peter Fuller of Program Executive Office Soldier.  “We’re going to reach out and touch you.”

“This is a revolutionary weapon. This is a game-changer,” he added.
The XM25 has a target acquisition system that calculates range with the push of a button. The data is transferred to an electronic fuse, enabling the 25mm round to explode over the target and rain shell fragments on the enemy.
All five prototypes were sent to Afghanistan in November. Officials are putting the final touches on data and analysis, but said Col. Douglas Tamilio, project manager for soldier weapons, said the weapons “performed flawlessly” and no maintenance issues showed.
Soldiers have been so pleased with the XM25 that they are carrying it as a primary weapon, and not bothering to bring an M4 as a secondary weapon, said Maj. Christopher Conley, who monitored the employment of XM25 on behalf of PEO Soldier.
Lehner said the tests revealed only one problem: The units didn’t want to give the Punisher back.
--I would love to try one of these babies!


Andy said...

Yeah, I'd like to try one too.

You know... I didn't see anything in the range rules that said grenade launchers were forbidden at the NRA range. :)

Old NFO said...

They are working well... The 'issue' is the cost of ammo... those exploding bullets are NOT cheap!