Random Saturday

The news and the election run up is getting to me.

That same girl that is taking it in the face, also believes that only the police and military should have guns. I'd bet money.

My son is disgusted of his generation. "These people need to read The Communist Manifesto. These fools need to study history. Socialism never ends well."

I'm going town shopping today with my wife. By that I mean looking at a town we are considering for retirement. Today is Lynchburg VA. Looks good from the Internet. Has all we are looking for. So we are going to go stalk the city. Drive around and look in its streets and markets and malls and hospitals and parks and neighborhoods...

Now if only we could find a big mid century modern house with a bob shelter!

--I can't wait to retire to writing Scifi full time!

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Pumice said...

Sounds like you raised your son right. Congratulations.

Grace and peace.