Bad Prepper Ideas That Will Get You Killed

I'm a hunter. I have been for decades. I'm pretty good at it as well. I would never consider that as my only plan. Only a supplement.

I constantly hear people say, "If the Shit Hits The Fan I am going yo head for the woods with my rifle and live off the land!"

This usually comes from a person that is out of shape, has never hunted before, and does not even camp.

I saw this great post that is a Reality Check.

12 Bad Prepper Strategies That Could Get You Killed

I think stockpiling guns and ammo is a good idea. But you have to also think about water, food, sanitation, medicine, supplies, gear and many other things. Don't plan on being a refugee as your whole strategy, please. Don't plan on being an asshole, stealing other people stuff. Both will get you killed.

--This article shines a light on several, often repeated, bad ideas.

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