So about that paperwork...

Do you remember when I bought my Remington 700 in May 2014? I ordered a suppressor at the time as well. I purchased a can for my 9mm in September.

When I went in to pick up my 9mm suppressor I asked about it.

They called the ATF and discovered that the paperwork was sent the first week of January. They said they will send a certified copy out ASAP. No Problem. 2 weeks.


I think there is a problem. There is a paper out there, in the wild, stuck under some postmans seat, that has my name, home address, phone number, SSN, and the fact that I have a Silencer in my house.

--I am not going to make a stink until I have my suppressor in hand.

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Old NFO said...

But when you do, raise hell!