RIP: Leonard Nimoy

I got to meet Leonard Nimoy in 2009.

He was the keynote speaker at a computer security conference I was attending for work.

He talked about his life, his career, Star Trek and nothing about computer security.

Best Keynote EVER.

He just told a lot of stories like we were all sitting around his dining room table. Except the story about his magic power.

He told us that he had discovered he had the ability to make cameras flash. Then he held up his hand.

My camera flashed...

He was really great. There were a thousand nerds in that room. He hung out to sign autographs, stand for photos and shake hands with EVERYONE that wanted to meet him. It took hours. We found out later the organizers had not asked him to do that. He was funny, humble gracious and will be missed.

I followed him on Twitter I will close with his final post:

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