Situational Awareness

Risograph print / by Jamie Jones
I really like my iPhone. Not because it's an iPhone, it could be an Android. I really like the fact that I have the Internet handy when I need it.

Last night I was waiting at Ray's Hell Burger to meet a friend for dinner. I was watching for him out the window and it seemed like 8 of 10 people walking by the window had no idea what was happening around them.

I even saw someone that seemed to be actively following a woman, staring at her ass, and she was completely unaware. She was staring at her phone, headphones on, completely clueless of everything.

Carrying a gun is only a single piece of the whole when it comes to self defense. Being aware of your surrounding is a key component.

--Don't be that guy.

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Old NFO said...

Heh, watched a guy walk into a glass door today, got a 'nice' little cut on his forehead, because his 'buddy' didn't hold it open for him...