More Evidance That Gun Control Doesn't Work

17 Years After Gun Bans in Australia …Police Say Gun Crime is Out of Control

"In 1996 Australia-unloaded some of the most severe gun bans and gun confiscation programs on record.  And for the guns that were not confiscated gun owners were forced to enter into license agreements and have their guns registered so the government knew what guns everyone had. Well, they really only knew what guns the law abiding had, since none of the criminals actually followed the program.  Fancy that. "

"Breitbart just reported some interesting developments in Australia that prove all the anti-gun lawmakers wrong.  Gun control does NOT take guns out of the hands of criminals, it only disarms the law abiding, while making everyone less safe."So it looks like the only ones left with all the guns are the criminals.  And the gun policies that Australia has enforced are the exact ones that gun control pushers like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Dianne Feinstein want to see here in the U.S. Of course they will ignore the real facts behind the issue and overlook the fact that when guns are banned only the police and the criminals will have guns, leaving citizens to fend for themselves when lawlessness like we have seen in Australia starts to rise up. In the last 12 months alone, over 3,300 people were charged with gun crimes, and over 9,000 guns have been confiscated. The lesson?  Gun control only affects the law abiding gun owners.  Criminals are empowered by it. "

--It's not about guns, it's about control. 


Old NFO said...

You know they will say these are all lies... sigh

Intelligentaussie said...

I too, get al my information from totally un reputable sites that lean in my favour, that either give false, vague or contextual-less information