The Walking Dead, Season 3 Premiers

The Walking Dead started back up last night.

I liked it. Here is a list of what I liked:
  • Lots of really good Zombie killin.
  • Literally rained Zombies.
  • Teaching kids to knife fight!
  • Body armor.
  • Glocks and AR15s.
  • Daryl still is a badass.
  • Women are treacherous vipers!!
  • A Katana is a perfect backup weapon.

Got high hopes for this season. Please do no screw this damn season up.

I bet you constantly tell the TV what YOU would do. Here is some of what I would do:
  • Salvage teams have Collectors and Security that work in teams of two.
  • Bite proof body armor. including helments.
  • They need more military vehicles like the Humvees.
  • Need to build a Kill-Truck. A chain link cage on the back. Draw the zombies away from the fence and drop them elsewhere through the cage. You don't want zombies piling up outside the fence.

--Fingers crossed for a good season!

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Eainsdad said...

Under a Graveyard Sky by John Ringo.
Must read.
He has a thirteen year old girl clearing zombies from ocean vessels wearing firemen's bunker gear.