I really miss going to the range.

It's been over 2 months at this point. This is the longest gap I can remember in recent years.

The main reason is that while my recovery from back surgery is going very well, I cannot stand for anywhere near an hour.

If I go to Clark Brothers, on a weekday, by myself, right when they open, I will be able to shoot my new AR15 while sitting on a bench. I can get some decent shooting in and have it only take 30 minutes.

The short video below is my son shooting the AR15 SBR at Clark Brothers.

--Maybe next week.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, since Jay G. is moving into your neck of the woods, and he's going to work for the NRA, I think all it would take is a Phone Call soon and he can reserve the Range... ; )

Home on the Range said...

I hope you get back out there soon (and are feeling better).

Old NFO said...

HOpe you're back in battery soon!