Bushmaster 25mm Cannon

I was just reading about the Bushmaster Chain Gun Cannon. This bad boy comes in 25mm or 30mm.

This thing is crazy.

I find it while surfing the web looking at killer robots. This monster is very versatile and can me used in automated sentries on fixed locations, in ground vehicles, on boats and even aircraft.

Crazy reliable because of simple design. Fed chain gun style. It comes in 25mm or 30mm in a variety of rounds including advanced airburst types.

This thing can automatically target out to 2 miles. Optical, LASER, motion and even manual, remote.

--Not expected to be seen at a gun show anytime soon though!


That Guy said...

PLEASE run on a Windows OS.... that way we have a chance when the Robot Uprising happens.

Bubblehead Les. said...

No, you can't have one.

Daniel Watters said...

The Bushmaster series is also available in 35x228mm and 40x364mm.