Long Week

I am so glad it is Friday and a long weekend.

Here are some of the things I got going for me:

  • Coffee. Coffee now and every day.
  • Pizza for lunch today.
  • I'm a Bachelor this weekend so I am going to rip a wall down and make a lot of dust while there is loud music.
  • There will be beers, cigars and Bourbon.
  • I will be taking The JR Carbine to the range.
  • Movies in the home theater will be many and full of Beautiful Women with powerful firearms.
  • Steak and bacon.
  • Did I mention it's a 110 inch screen?
  • I might even sleep in until 6:30am!
  • And we will kick it off with Jane Russell...
--Sometime Fridays are more than just Fridays...


Anonymous said...

Damn. I like your Fridays.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

6:30? Nuts!

Old NFO said...

NICE!!! :-)

MSgt B said...

You lucky bastard.

Mrs B's birthday is this weekend.

No range, lots of shopping, I will be allowed to cook dinner for her...her choice of foods.

I may even be allowed to watch The Notebook with her.