Where is the Blood in the Streets?

SPRINGFIELD, iLL. • The number of people licensed to own guns in Illinois jumped by more than 78,500 last year, possibly fueled by a belief the state was poised to legalize the concealed carry of weapons.

In so many states records are being broken for gun sales and concealed carry permits.

And no one seems to be talking about the dramatic up tic in women owning guns.

Millions of new guns are pouring into the nation. Crime is actually falling.

--My ranges are getting more crowded. Way crowded.


Craig S. Miller said...

I go to Stonewall's Range in Broadview Hts., OH. I used to wait about 20 minutes to get a stall on fairly busy day. Now it's an hour and a half wait and they are expanding to keep up.

Old NFO said...

And that is a GREAT thing!!! :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

A real Grass Roots Movement is in play, unlike the so-called "99%/Occupy" Crap that is happening.

Politicians Beware!