Blog Roll Update

Blog Roll Needs Some More!

Lagniappe's Lair

Lagniappe is gone now, but his memory lives on.

I met Murphy at the Mid-Atlantic Blogshoot this year. It was a great event at a great facility. Geat guy with some great guns. Go read his blog!

Another Day.....Another.....

Random thoughts on a wide range of topics in real time. Kneads is another Blogger that I met at the Mid-Atlantic Blogshoot! I love attending these events. Good people.

Legions Fate

Anything Guns, Knives, Military, Militant, and Dangerous with an overall feeling of impending apocolypse. CTone is a Marine and a Soldier; a husband and a father, in addition to being a Blogger!

Another Gun Blog

I have been running into Mike W. all around the Blog-O-Sphere! The usual spots like the NRA convention, Blogshoots and places that have beer and bacon. Mike is a 25 year old law clerk and a gun nut. He enjoys cooking, running, basketball, shooting, reading, writing, politics, arguing, cars, and wasting far too much time on blogs and forums related to my interests. He also likes beer and big butts and he cannot lie......and bacon!

--Check them out!


Mike W. said...

I'm 26, I just never update anything, including my blog roll.

Also, "I am the great cornholio! I need TP for my blogroll!"

Old NFO said...

All good folks, and all WELL worth the time! :-)

Murphy's Law said...

Aw, much thanks. And I'm looking forward to our next gun-related outing.

CTone said...

Thanks for the linkage!