Want: Stoeger Air Rifle

Stoeger Series of Silenced Air Rifles
I have been looking at a lot of air rifles lately. I am currently leaning toward a Stoeger Air Rifle.

I have a series of requirements.
  • Min 1200 fps
  • Projectiles .22 cal
  • Weight under 10 pounds
  • Iron and Glass Sights
  • Synthetic Stock
  • Silent, Quieter the Better
  • Durable
  • Reasonable prices
These are great shooters for rabbits, squirrels, birds and other small game. These are Great for target shooting too. They are modestly priced as well. Here is a nice list of Models and Pricing information that also contain the specs and features. They are also available on AMAZON.COM!

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Steven said...

Just a note of caution. These are not toys. These rifles can kill people. Be careful out there.