The Phalanx Holster system

Phalanx Holster System
I like to carry my Glocks. I also like them to have the tactical light attached and so far have not found a good solution to carry it, with a round in the chamber and the tac light attached.

The Phalanx system might be a possible solution.

It has the features that I require and few I do not.

It has the trigger guard. It has the free dorsal configuration that allows a tactical light or belly LASER to be securely attached.

It has an odd version that require you to holster the gun WITHOUT one in the chamber. To upholster in this mode you push the gun downward and the holster clings to the slide. Then you rock it out and a round is chambered. All one handed. Seems to complicated to me though.

If anyone at Palanx is reading this. Please email me. I'd like to try one further but not so much that I would lay out the considerable cash to find out.

--Anyone every try these?  Maybe one like it?

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Looks kinda big.