Home Defense

I have added my new Bushmaster to my home defense rack in my bedroom.

I believe that an AR15 is a great option for home defense. It's easy to use, has light recoil, holds lots of ammo, and the rounds won't exit your house and hurt your neighbors.

I also have a Glock 17 and Mossberg 500 short shotgun with a pistol grip and Surefire Tactical light. The 12ga is too much for my wife to shoot.

--She will be adding the AR to her training routine.


abnormalist said...

My issue with the AR as home defense is
1. It generally WILL exit your home if you miss (check boxoftruth for confirmation)
2. The report is so loud on most 16" barreled ARs that without a suppressor after the first shot in an enclosed space you're likely pouring blood from your ears. That may not be an issue in your case, but in mine it certainly would.

I have the same issue with my friends choice of a 44mag revolver. In his case, its what he has.

I like the pistol caliber carbine as a home defense weapon personally. Lower power than a real rifle, low recoil, and the same round as a pistol but easier to control and shoot accurately in a stressful situation.

JB Miller said...

The penetration is the same as a 9mm.


Mike W. said...

I'd actually be more worried about overpenetration with a pistol caliber carbine than with an AR-15.

My carry piece goes on the bedside nightstand when I take it off for the day, since that just seems logical to me, but my Daniel Defense AR is nearby. My bedroom is within feet of the front door, so if someone's trying to break in or has already made it through the front door to the apartment, I'd rather the AR be in my hands.