AR15 Lower Build Procedure

I encourage everyone to buy a stripped lower and a parts kit to assemble yourself. Putting it together yourself is easy and it helps you understand how the the functions.

--Watch those tiny springs!


John said...

I would suggest that before putting in the bolt catch pin, a layer or two of electrical tape on the lower. Unless you are using a long punch with an offset pin detent, damage is almost inevitable. The video is clear enough to see that he has beat up his lower.

Spend a little more time taking care not to break off the ears when putting in the trigger guard. I did spend a little time on the milling machine to change a small c clamp into a press for that part of the job.

Nice trick with the allen wrench to aid in the detent install. I use a made for the purpose assembly tool and then slide a .016 or so feeler blade between the tool and the detent pin. A little pressure to hold the pin against the spring and the take down can slide into place with an almost zero chance of the dreaded sproing.

And extra detent pins and springs are still a nice security blanket.

As always, the more of these you build, the better you get.

Moving up to the upper, (so why I am not writing comedy) a coworker asked me to change his dust cover to an engraved one. I did it without removing the barrel nut, but it was very finicky, and I did it inside a clear plastic bag. Of course there is always the possibly that there was an easier way that I just did not know.

How is the progress on the next book?

JB Miller said...

The next book is coming along nice! Looking at a March release!