The availability of practical targets these days seem to be coming back.

A wave of political correctness hit a while back. Targets silhouettes suddenly had to be blue in stead of black.  Targets that actually looked like people at all were being discouraged.

Zombie targets seemed to turn the tide.

Printable targets are now widely available now as well.

I like this target.

--Making a wide eyed O-face in the bad guy is fun.


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John said...

The bad guy needs some work on trigger finger discipline. And a cranium air vent.

One of my range coworkers came up with an idea to add some realism to the range. He figured out a simple way to put a target up using a balloon and string so that if you hit the center of mass the target would drop to the floor. It was surprisingly difficult to get the shooter to keep shooting until the threat dropped. You could also set up the drop for a head shot.

I am smiling at what happened when we tried using a photo realistic large dog target and then used a rope to suddenly move the dog towards the shooter at a high rate of speed.

Very good post.