Blogshoot 2015 is ON!

Come one, come all, and especially if you were here before...we're doing another blogshoot here in West Virginia's eastern panhandle, this time on Saturday, October 24. All of the usual suspects are being invited again and this is a great time to see and shoot lots of neat guns as many people bring some really cool stuff.

As before, we'll shoot in the morning/early afternoon, then adjourn for a nice sit-down dinner before going our separate ways. There will probably be a dinner on the Friday night beforehand too for those who plan to travel down the night before and grab rooms, and, as usual, money collected will be shared with the range and a charity to be determined, so it's for a good cause, darn it! Come shoot and hang out with some of the greatest folks on the blogosphere. Old NFO, Keads, Proud Hillbilly and Aaron from the Shekel are already roped in and others are being sought, so come add to the circus...and if it shoots, you can shoot it here.

For more info, contact:

Here is a vid from last year!


Old NFO said...

Looking forward to it! AS ALWAYS!!! And the money goes to charity too!

Wandering Neurons said...

Damn. After nearly a year of work, I'm finally scheduled for surgery the day before the Blogshoot! No Blogshoot for me this year. But there'll be a much thinner me at next year's shoot!