Randon Busy Days

Two weeks from today is the deadline for my next novel. All my spare time will focused there after work. It is coming out really excellent.

I found a huge supply of subsonic .300 Blackout this weekend. The problem is it was all over $1 a round. Even in quantity it's still high. I can find it now. I'll take it.

It's going to be super hot outside today. But now the "experts" on TV are saying surface temps have nothing to do with climate change and temps have not actually changed at all for the last 18 years. Plus, it's too complicated for the average person to understand. Bite me.

I have decided my next buy is going to be another Glock 17. Two is one and all. Not exciting, not pretty, but high utility.

I am going to help a friend, that does not have a lot of spare cash, put a basic AR-15 together. I have a big pile of items I have swapped out for upgrades. Stocks, grips, foregrips, sights, mags, charging handles and other random parts will give him a leg up.

--Happy Monday. Drink Coffee!

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