Cerevo Develops "PSYCHO-PASS" Smart Phone

What could go wrong?

Transformable "DOMINATOR MAXI" smart phone mimics futuristic firearm.

Cerevo is developing a smart phone based on the futuristic Dominator smart-weapons of the PSYCHO-PASS anime. The DOMINATOR MAXI will include LED lights, a camera built into the muzzle, 100 sound clips featuring Noriko Hidaka (the voice of the Dominator weapons system in the PSYCHO-PASS anime), Wifi access, and various other features.

I would not carry this even if I was doing Cosplay at Comiccon for fear that I would hear "DROP IT" and then have to drop it, which would bust the hell out of it..

--It will only cost you about $800 to be this stupid.


Old NFO said...

And people will buy it... sigh

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I will