Random Tuesday

Good morning, Tuesday.

I just finished the book Friday by Robert Heinline again. I remembered enjoying it more.

I also just watched The Interview on Netflix. I am so glad I didn't pay to see it.

I am planning a full post on my new Manta Suppressor Cover. It will allow me to touch a hot suppressor to make sure it's still tight.

A friend of mine spotted me in the studio audience of NRA Gun Gurus. I was sitting in the front row. He freeze framed it and too a pic of the TV and posted it on Facebook.

I went to the range with several friends this weekend. I decided to shoot .22s.

I took some of my oldest ammo. It was probably 30 year old ammo and out of 50 rounds 5 rounds were duds and 2 had feed problems. They were lead nose hallow points. Very soft ammo.

The guy in the lane next to us had a brand new 1911 and while trying to load it's very first round it would only come half way out of the magazine. The mag would not eject and the round was firmly stuck. JayG helped the guy out and finally got the round to load. Looks like the mags will work with only 7 rounds.

--Need more coffee. I am off to work!!


Sport Pilot said...

Friday is a good RAH selection. I like the picture you posted as well. It's creative and well formatted. The model is lovely as well.

Stretch said...

Neither Friday nor Farnham's Freehold aged well. In fact, most of his late novels feel dated in ways his early ones never do.

JB Miller said...

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress did age well.