Smithsonian - Happy Presidents Day

I went to the Smithsonian American History Museum yesterday.

I saw several firearms but I think this one was my favorite of the day.

It is a flintlock musket from 1767.

It is so beautiful and this photo does not do it justice. It looks like new, it's in amazing condition.

It was donated to the museum by Edwin and Adriana Bitter. There has got to be an amazing story there.

--I wonder how many guns they have in the collection? How does that work legally?


Old NFO said...

Nice, and a good question...

Stretch said...

I was honored by a "behind the scenes" tour of the American History Museum by a friend. She was a curator. Besides getting to hold Col. Mosby's jacket I took a peek into their gun vault. OMFG!! Just a momentary glance made my heart race and my mouth drool.
The Smithsonian enjoys dispensation from DC's draconian laws due to the fact it is a federal entity.