Checking the Closets

So this last week I was at my wife's fathers house. He's 86.

We were cleaning the house. 60 years of accumulated stuff. Boxes of stuff and papers and clothes. Tools and toys and LPs and Every set of shoes they ever bought.

Plus the forgotten Shotgun.

We were cleaning out a closet looking for paperwork and cleaning in general and there it was. It was a 20ga single barrel shotgun. Cobwebs and dust fill and covered it.

We asked him about it. Forty years before the family dog had badly bitten a neighbors small daughter. On the face.

He went to the local hardware store. Bought the shotgun and five shells. He came home and as the Sheriff watched, loaded the gun and shot the dog.

A few minutes later he cleared the empty shell and put the shotgun in the closet.

There it stayed.

I recommend everyone ask their elderly parents if there are any guns in the house.

--If you don't collect them, at least give them a good cleaning.

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