Traveling With Long Guns

Yesterday my post was about my fathers shotgun.

I picked it up from my sister who had been holding onto for me for several years. The catch was I was flying home. I have never traveled with long guns before. Hand guns are easy. Fill out a short form. Check them in your locked luggage.

The procedure is the same for long guns. At the check-in counter you fill out a short form, show them it is not loaded, and lock it into the case. It gets a little extra TSA X-ray love and off it goes.

Where the FUN begins is at the destination. The rifle case rolls off the luggage belt and everyone raises an eyebrow. I have to say that it was all kinds of fun to walk through the airport with a large, scary, black, rifle case. 

--Smiling at the uniformed TSA rent-a-cops all the way...

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