Shooting Carts

So when I was at the Bull Run Shooting Center on Sunday I saw multiple shooters that has rigs that looked like converted jogging baby strollers.

Chatting with them they told me you can get them on the web at Rugger Gear.

They are called "Shooting Carts" and that are designed to hold 1 to 4 guns and gear. They can run on lots of different kinds of ground. They can carry a lot of gear like guns, ammo, gear, a cooler, food and it even has cup holders!

--If you skeet and trap shoot a lot, this baby is a big help.


Andy said...

I have a serious aversion to these. First, just how many guns do you need to go skeet shooting with? Second, can't you haul your ammo in a pack? I don't know. Perhaps my recent proximity to baby strollers makes me think "No F'ing way!"

JB Miller said...

It was the cooler full of food and drinks that made me want one. They easily turn it into a day of shooting fun for two!!

JJ said...

Multi-gun matches. You have your rifle, shotgun and pistol. Ammo for all of them. Holster and ammo pouches for shot shells, rifle magazines, spare parts if needed, water or food if needed. A long match may have 8 or 10 stages. You have to haul these guns around or risk leaving them in a rack at a shooting bay, or run them back to your vehicle. A nice cart is extremely useful and helps you focus on your preparation and shooting in the match.