Local Blog Shoot!

Careful where you park!
In Berkley County, WV on Saturday, Dec. 3rd there will be a Blog Shoot! This is good news for me because it's only about an hour away.

I love going to these get togethers. There are always good people, fun shooting, great firearms and in the past, even some fun targets.  At the Northcoast II blogshoot this year we got to shoot up a car!

Anyway! Come to the shoot! Dress warm.

--So if you're interested, please shoot Murphy an e-mail at martinihenrywv@gmail.com.


Andy said...

I hope to see you there, Mr. Miller.

JB Miller said...

I'll be there. Driving up with T-Bolt. Still need directions.

Old NFO said...

Looking forward to seeing y'all again! Murph will provide directions this week.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Got your text. Coming in Friday, got a room at the Comfort Inn in Martinsburg, staying there until Sunday. Let me know if you need anything. : )

Murphy's Law said...

Looking forward to seeing all of you!