Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag - a good pack is essential
So it was Daylight Savings time this weekend.

In addition to testing your smoke detectors it's time to review your BOB contents. 
  • Rotate the power bars and water
  • Refresh your First aid kit
  • Do a fresh inventory
  • Make sure your pack in good repair
Here is a typical BOB content list:
  • Food and Water, three days worth
  • First aid kit including blow out kit
  • Multitool(s)
  • Compass and region maps
  • K-Bar
  • Bic Lighters
  • Duct tape
  • Para-cord
  • Rain poncho
  • Small binocs
  • Small cook kit and stove (I like a twig stove)
  • Emergency space blanket
  • 55 gal trash bags
  • Zip lock bags
  • Small camo tarp
  • Two small LED flash lights and extra batteries
  • Small Transistor radio and earbuds
  • Altoid tin of fishing gear
  • Small spool of strong wire
  • Altoid tin sewing kit
  • Clothes, socks, underwear, shirts, pants
Separately, I keep other things handy like a sleeping bag, coats, firearms and gear, and many other items. I keep additional things in the vehicles.

--This is a min prep. A BOB to get you through three days.


Anonymous said...

That is a really good list. I will be adding some of these items to my bob. I will also be organizing some of the small items with Altoids cans. Excellent idea.

EricN said...

big trash bags!

StanO said...

Good rotation reminder. Good list.

I add a small camo tent, Glock 9mm and ammo.

Kisha Kitchens said...

Whether you’re one of the Special Forces, Hikers, or Preppers – this bag is perfect for you! I definitely admire its ingenuity. They are very durable and handy for important scenarios. It’s also very mobile and just perfect to use to pack thing along that could last for more than a day. No wonder why it’s called a 72-hour bag!