The Blunderbuss

The Classic Thanksgiving Gun
Happy Thanksgiving world!

Before I go and stuff myself with turkey and pie I wanted to tell a gun story from when I was a kid. It seemed like every turkey hunting, Thanksgiving, cartoon character, that was drawn with a gun, always had a Blunderbuss.

One of my uncles actually has one of these that I got to fire a few time. I have no idea how the hell you could ever use the damn thing to hunt. Flint lock! Flash pan! Wait 2 full seconds after you pull the trigger, then it goes off. Unless the turkey is like, "Hey what's that noise, that flash and oll that smoke?" BANG!

The spread of the shot was wide too. A bow would be easier.

From Wikipedia:

The term "blunderbuss" is of Dutch origin, from the Dutch word donderbus, which is a combination of donder, meaning "thunder", and buss, meaning "Pipe" (Middle Dutch: busse, box, tube, from Late Latin, buxis, box).[1]The transition from donder to blunder is thought by some to be deliberate; the term blunder was originally used in a transitive sense, synonymous with to confuse, and this is thought to describe the stunningly loud report of the large bore, short barreled blunderbuss.[2] 

The term dragon is taken from the fact that early versions were decorated with a carving in the form of a mythical dragon's head around the muzzle; the muzzle blast would then give the impression of a fire breathing dragon.[3]

--Happy Thanksgiving All!  Be safe and enjoy!!

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