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When the Balloon Goes Up!

"The term "when the balloon goes up" has been used since WWI when observation balloons were used to gather intelligence, exposing allied troops and triggering enemy fire. It's use continued in WWII due to the use of barrage balloons being lifted in preparation for air raids. Historically, the ascension of balloons has been a sign of impending incoming fire."

"This blog and the associated forums have been created to discuss the preparations, tools, equipment, mindset and training required to handle the first 0-72 hours following the rise of the balloon. Additionally, I hope the forums will become a place to discuss hypothetical scenarios and to learn personal experiences."

Musings Over a Pint 

"You should expect to see lots of stuff about craft beer, especially craft beer from Virginia. I love the United States of America and I have exactly no tolerance for those who feel otherwise. I enjoy shooting pistols and occasionally participate in USPSA and other organized matches. I am blessed with a lovely wife and fine young son. Surely there will be postings about those subjects too. Yes, I'm proud to be a conservative Virginian. Musings over a pint; the title says it all. "

--Welcome to the Blogroll!

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David said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I've added a link to The Miller over at the Musings as well.

Cheers, David