The Collection: The Fulton

I just picked up a family heirloom, a Fulton 20 gauge double barrel shotgun.This was my fathers shotgun. It was always hanging over the kitchen door, with ammo, the entire time I grew up.

This is the very first firearm I ever shot. My brother said, "Make sure you pull both triggers at the same time." that asshat. I was 10 years old.

Fulton 20 Gauge Side by Side
You can see in this picture that my father was no gunsmith. He was a farmer. I can't say I ever even saw him clean this gun. This gun took many rabbits and squirrels in my youth.

Special Advanced Farmer Modifications Using Tractor Parts
It has not been fired for about 20 years. After I clean it up I will have a gunsmith look it over before I shoot it. I will get some light loads initially to shoot. I will make it my fireplace gun. I'll make a nice mount for it.

My Next Project

--It's ugly, in bad condition, dirty and may not work but it's mine now!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Cool. Heirloom posts are some of my favorites.

That Guy said...

That is awesome. One of the only heirloom guns I have in my possession is a Stevens 311 SxS 20 Ga. Love that gun, even if one of the barrels has very weak firing pin hits that results in 50% misfires.

Your 20Ga. is a beautiful gun.

Andy said...

Good stuff, JB. It may not be worth a lot to some people, but its worth a heck of a lot to you.