Sons of Guns: Stephanie Hayden

As you probably know by now I enjoy the TV Show: Sons of Guns on The Discovery Channel.

Not only do I love Red Jacket Firearms, their guns, the builds, the wacky challengers and way too short deadlines, I love Stephanie Hayden. The show would be way less without her.

Look, I know it's a reality TV show. I know that it's setup for it's entertainment value. I still like her. She's fun and hot.

I am even a friend on Facebook. Me and 74,713 other of her closest friends! I like her posts. She seems real. Is having a lot of fun with the fame thing and not taking it to seriously. She is even going to start a movie career! Bikers vs Nazis! That is going to be fun.

--Check out the show, the movie and her Facebook page! You know you wanna!

Stephanie Hayden

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