Want: RONI Conversion Kit

Roni has a new member of their conversion kit line that debuted at the 2011 NRA Convention. This unit has 16 inch replacement barrel for your Glock 21 in addition to the drop in carbine body. This allows the reliability of Glock to be exploited in a .45acp carbine.

One of the major advantages to this kit is that it does not require an SBR.

Roni's Glock 21 Based Carbine
I really like the ergonomics of this ugly thing. It is light weight, comfortable and adjustable, has 30 round mags available, plus it has plenty of rails for accessories.

--I would have bought one on the spot if possible. $299 for the kit!


Bubblehead Les. said...

I really need to look into that system.

James R. Rummel said...

And yet another step is taken to bring us old guys a Man From U.N.C.L.E. gun!

JB Miller said...

The weight and feel is excellent!

Arthur said...

The video you linked shows a regular length barrel. Does the 16" barrel conversion still use recoil locking or is it straight blowback?

Anonymous said...

It looks to be a permanent yet fake barrel, ie like a permanently welded suppressor. Once assembled
the barrel is over 16 inches long.Unassembled it returns to a pistol.A 16 inch barrel on a glock would not flip up for cycling as a shorter barrel does.The overall length makes it harder to conceal than a SBR.Therfore satisfying all ATF requirements.I could be wrong.