Duracoat Finishes

When Duracoat goes wrong.

As I was wandering the floor at the NRA Convention I suddenly had to shield my eyes from something that stuck out like a neon light.

It looks like a plastic toy but both the AR-15 and the belly mounted 1911 were both steel, painted with a Duracoat finish.

I swear if you walked through my neighbor with that thing, no one would look twice, thinking it was a water gun!

Now I am not recommending that you run out and paint your favorite rifle like this! The easy of doing it yourself is really great. The examples you can do yourself are really good.

--Available in matte black as well as a variety of florescent colors!  Damn taggers!


Steven said...

Kids these days. No trigger discipline!

Bubblehead Les. said...

I have GOT to get you the Picture of T-Bolt holding that weapon. You should see the Gleam in his eye!