Range Report

I went to the range this weekend with my son and a couple friends. We got there right at opening.

We went to Blue Ridge Arsenal, an indoor range here in Northern VA. They were talking about this range at work. The renovations and ventilation repairs are now complete.I had stopped going to this because the owner was very public about the fact that he voted for Barack Obama. The service there was really bad. They were slow, made all four of us use one lane, and they didn't know jack about guns, didn't know that my Cx4 Storm carbine used pistol ammo. The range officer was ridiculous. I will not be going there again any time soon.

  • My RIA 1911, "The Biter",  continues to roll without any failures. I think it's tuned at last.
  • My Beretta 96D still doesn't like blunt nose ammo. Feed jams. The LaserMax guide rod LASER is in and out. I bought it in 1996.
  • My Cx4 Storm was loved by all. Need to buy more mags so we can spend more time shooting and less reloading.
  • My Glock 21 was on my hip and is still the one for the pending Zombie Apocalypse.
  • My Friend Tony liked my Px4 .40 the best.
My friend brought his Glock 22 .40 cal. I use to have one of these and like it way less than my Glock 17 or 21. It is one of the few guns that has have sold. I tried Mikes Glock 22. The trigger was really heavy and not smooth. Gritty in fact. It made me was to do a super clean and polish with the air compressor to smooth that thing out.

--Might be going again next weekend! My new 10/22 mags just arrived! (but not to Blue Ridge)


Andy said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. But for what it is worth, plenty of range officers don't know much about firearms. I've found that if you go to BRA during the week during work hours it is much, much better.

My BX-25s came in also. Hitting BRA tomorrow for lunch to try them out.

JB Miller said...

Range officer tried to kick one of us out because he uncased his his Glock, 18 inches behind the red line. No warning, no teaching moment taken.

He never handled it in a dangerous way. It was just behind the line with the slide closed. Sheesh.

Being a good shooter, trained that the range officer always has final say, he apologized, packed and went to get his DL and the owner waved him back in and had a chat with the range officer...