Things People Don't Get:

I am so tired of having to explain certain things to people over and over again.

Gravity: Astronauts don’t float around because there is no gravity in orbit. There is lots of gravity. Enough to hold the moon in orbit around the Earth. Enough to hold the Earth in orbit around the Sun. Weightlessness is caused by FREEFALL.

Social Security: The Government is NOT investing the money they take for Social Security. They do not save it for you. They have already spent it. If every dime I paid into Social Security had gone into a modest 401k I would have $11million dollars now. Money I could have passed down to my kids.

Gun Control:  When laws are made in the USA restricting gun ownership people are NOT safer. Criminals are safer. Crime does NOT go down. Criminals love disarmed populations.

--There's more. But I can't handle the rage like JayG does.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

What's sad is the fact that if I was ALLOWED to have taken my Social Security Money and had it placed in a child's Christmas Club Account, I'd have more cash for my Retirement than what the Federales have for me today.