The Stoeger Double Defense

I was looking though the stuff I collected when I was at the NRA convention this year and I saw some pics and pamphlets for the The Stoeger Double Defense. It is a classic, side by side, double barrel configuration for 20 or 12 gauge. The 12 gauge can even take 3 inch mags.

I have wanted a classic Coach Gun, double barrel shotgun for a while. The over the fireplace kind of goodness. I want a beautiful walnut stock on it though. That way I can tell stories about how my grand pappy use to repel boarders when he was a postman on a train!

The Stoeger Double Defense

The rails on it are nice but I have to say that for a home defense gun I would prefer my shot Mossberg 500 with pistol grip.

--I saw one in my gun store for $365. Not low enough to tempt me.


Bubblehead Les. said...

I think that is a speciality niche gun for those who still have Draconian Gun Laws in their local Gooberments, like NYC. It would also work for a Hunting Cabin that isn't visited for months at a time, but I don't know the technique on how one would decock it w/o firing it.

Wilson said...

Still stupid at half that price.

Chris said...

It's Interesting, but not interesting enough. I have the old non-mall ninja model coach gun. No rails and has a double trigger. If you fire 3 inch shells in it you will regret it. :) I know. It does make a decent home defense gun though. It's short, and easy to maneuver in tight spaces, it's simple to operate (although to my knowledge Les there is no way to decock it without firing it) and you can load 1 slug one buckshot side by side. I do have a choice with the double triggers though. If you put a nice leather butt-pad with hidden gel insert and side saddle on it it works out pretty well and is comfortable to shoot.

Old Fart said...

De-cock by removing live shells, replace with spent casings. Click-click. Done.