Fire Starting

Over the years I have become a student of several survival skills. One of these is building a fire without matches. I have managed to do this many ways using the following:
  • Flint and steel
  • Magnifying glass
  • A Flashlight
  • Steel wool and car battery
  • Bow and dowel
  • Car Headlight
  • Bic, Zippo, etc
 This handy dandy Flint and Steel Knife is only $5.45 from Amazon. Perfect for tossing in the trunk of your car, Bug Out Bag or glove box.

--Know any other ways I should try to make fire? I have already tried the Coke can and Chocolate method to no avail.


Farm.Dad said...

Fire Piston . Google the term for links to buy or make them .

That Guy said...

Darn. I was going to say Fire Piston first.

I'll tell you what I keep in my 'Go!' bag (along with other fire starting stuff)-
A 3 pack of Bic Lighters.

Cheap, easy to use, and they work. As far as I know, they don't go bad.

JB Miller said...

I tried a fire piston and never got it to work. It's owner said you have to have the exact right material to make it work. If you have to be that premeditated, a few Bic lighters are easier.

DaveS said...

Is that the same as a bow and drill from boy scouts?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Fire Plough method?

David said...

Have you seen the little "peanut" and "split pea" lighters from County Comm? I keep a split pea on my keyring all the time!

JB Miller said...

I have seen them! Great stuff.