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I love Movies. I spend more time on Movie Matters than Gun Stuff. Sic-Fi, Action-Adventure, and Thrillers are my favs. Here are movies currently on my purchase list:
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--So if you have seen something good recently let me know!!

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Brother Miller, don't spend so much money. Do like we did. We bought a Roku Box (H/T to Unc), hooked it up to our Netflix account (yeah, I know the Greedy Bastards just raised the rates, but what are you gonna do?), and just started watching all kinds of stuff for a low monthly rate. We then eliminated the Directv, because they kept charging us double for over 5 years of Service than some New Guy who just walked off the street, and used the money saved to upgrade our cell phones to Smartphones. Put a set of Rabbit ears on the TeeWee to get local news and weather and any Mainstream TV you want to watch, like NCIS, and you're Good to Go.

Sure, you can't watch the latest episode of Pawn Stars (unless you want to add a HuluPlus account or something like it to your Roku) but wait awhile, the whole thing will be on it, and you can watch it over and over and over.... amazing how much is out there! The Wife and I are currently watching the ENTIRE Farscape Series, and just try to get it from the Library!

Hope this helps. P.S.: Survivors wasn't that good, and I discovered it was a restart of a mid 70's Brit Series, so a Bad Copy is still a Bad Copy.