Texas Mayor Warns Residents To 'Bolt Your Doors'

"ALTO, Texas—People here are bracing for a spike in crime after the city put its police force on furlough.

Budget woes in Alto, Texas have forced drastic measures, including laying off the five-member police force. A newspaper's antique printing press is being moved to a museum for safe keeping. WSJ's Ana Campoy reports.
"Everybody's talking about 'bolt your doors, buy a gun,' " said Monty Collins, Alto's mayor, who was against the measure.

City Council members sent the police home when they decided they couldn't afford them. On June 15, the police chief and his four officers secured the evidence room, changed the passwords on their computers and locked the department's doors for six months—longer if local finances don't improve by then."

For more look at the WSJ article and the Business Insider page.

--Get use to stories like this. If the fed continues to bankrupt the country we may find ourselves on our own.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Ashtabula County up here in Ohio did the same thing over a year ago to the Sheriff's Dept. They were told to Guard the Courthouse and the Jail, and the County Commissioners cut the rest of the Budget. Still hasn't been resolved.

Funny thing is, all these Gooberments who cut their Police, Fire and Ambulance Depts. never seem to cut their Welfare and other "Social Programs," and they tend to be dominated by the DemiCommies. Just look at Cleveland.

It's as if they have received Marching Orders to DELIBERATELY make Life More Dangerous for their Citizens.

Of course, if things are working smoothly, Marxism isn't appealing, isn't it?